Whois Search

Use Cases

Research Domain Information

Law enforcement, cybersecurity professionals, researchers, marketers, and domain brokers can utilize our whois service by fetching domain information, such as the owner or its registration date.

Brand Protection

Companies can utilize our whois search to monitor and protect their brand identity by identifying potential trademark infringements.

Domain Availability Verification

Our whois service can help determine if a domain name is already registered or is available for purchase. If a domain is not available, our whois service can help provide contact details to the owner of the domain name.

Contact Domain Owners

Utilizing our whois service can be a great way to gather contact information about the domain owner's contact information for business inquiries, collaborations, possible acquisitions, or resolving any issues related to the domain.

Whois FAQ

Using an API or service that detects disposable email addresses can help prevent duplicate accounts, fake email sign-ups, low quality mailing lists, spam, fraud, and malicious activities.

In most cases, a whois record will display contact information of the domain name, registration details, and the domain's current name servers.

The whois record is completely dependent on the whois server that holds the domain's whois records. Since many registrars run their own whois servers, the formatting or information provided in the whois record may be different.

Searching up the whois information of a domain name is a great way to verify if a domain name has been registered or not.

You can try contacting the whois privacy service's contact information provided in the domain's whois record to see if they can help you get in touch with the actual domain owner.