Proxy Detection Test

Use Cases

Block Bots & Web Scrapers

Many bots and website scrapers utilize proxies in order to evade IP address or rate limiting restrictions. Add an additional layer of security by incorporating a proxy detection service.

Verify your Proxy Connection

If you are utilizing a proxy connection to avoid firewall restrictions or to hide your actual IP address, this website is the perfect tool to check your proxy connection.

Enforce Geo Restrictions

Our proxy detector can help services stay compliant with certain laws or licensing agreements by blocking proxy connections and detecting the location of an IP address.

Reduce Spam & Duplicate Accounts

Integrating our proxy detection service can help prevent proxy users from entering your application, which can reduce spam, duplicate or fake accounts, low quality users, and fraud.

Proxy Detection FAQ

You can integrate our proxy detection software using our API. At this time, our API is only open to enterprise clients.

Our proxy database is continuously being updated.

Our crawlers constantly fetch data from our extensive list of public, paid, and residential proxy lists.

Our intial project started as a Web Application Firewall service back in 2018. During that timeframe, our proxy detection database was available for free and open to the public. However, due to high maintenance costs and network abuse providing a free service became unsustainable. In 2020, our engineers created a paid VPN detection API service which is still used by many developers and large companies from around the world. Although we still maintain our older paid proxy detection API,'s proxy detection algorithm runs a completely new codebase and different dataset created by network analysts, software engineers, and data analysts. With this new algorithm, our classification system is slightly more accurate then our previous API.

As of now, we currently don't offer any proxy database downloads or data feed services. Though, this is something we could possibly implement in the near future.