Privacy Email Detection

Use Cases

Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

By detecting forwarders or aliases, you can maintain better control over your email deliverability and target recipients more accurately.

Additional Account Verification

Prevent users from signing up with emails coming from privacy-centric email generators, email forwarders, or email alias services.

Fraud Prevention

Fraudsters may use email forwarding or aliases to create multiple accounts or bypass account termination.

Privacy Email FAQ

An email address will be classified as "privacy" if the email provider offers privacy features that can be abused by malicious users, such as email forwarding, email alias, and generated email addresses. Our detection software does not classify all privacy-centric email providers as privacy. On top of that, some email providers that offer the privacy features mentioned above may not be classified as "privacy", if the provider impose limits on their services.

Although these email providers are privacy-centric providers, we do not classify them as "privacy" since their privacy features cannot be used maliciously. The main intent of our email privacy detection software is to provide businesses with a solution to detect email that utilize a privacy email provider offering features that can evade bans, create duplicate accounts, or increase the risk of fraud. Only if an email address is utilizing a privacy email provider that offers services for creating unlimited email addresses, such as email forwarding, privacy email generation, or email alias, will it be considered as "privacy".