Private Relay Detection Test

Use Cases

Block Anonymous IP Addresses

If your application has to adhere to strict security guidelines, detecting and blocking a private relay may help acheive that goal.

Check Private Relay Connection

Our private relay testing service is a great way for private relay customers to determine if they are safely connected to a private relay network.

Help Prevent Security Threats

Although private relay services do have valid use cases, such as protecting visitor's identity or data, they can also be used for malicious intent.

Strengthen Your Firewall

Our private relay detection software can help strengthen your company's firewall by denying any inbound or outbound private relay IP address.

Private Relay Detection FAQ

Utilizing our private relay detection API service is a great way to block IP addresses coming from private relay networks, which is constantly being updated.

Our Private Relay Detection API is updated once a day from various lists provided by many private relay services.

At this time, we currently do not offer a data feed or private relay database download.