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whoami FAQ

"whoami" is a unix-like command that prints the username of the current user logged.

Since we can't detect who is currently logged into your device, the next best thing we can determine is your IP address and sometimes your browser information.

Your IP address is You can view more information about your IP address on the top of this webpage.

An IP address, otherwise known as Internet Protocol address, is a unique address that identifies a device on a network. IP addresses on local networks, also known as private IP addresses, allow you to easily identify network interfaces or devices. Private IP addresses can only be accessed within the local network. Though, public IP addresses can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection. Public IP addresses are managed by IANA and five regional Internet registries. Your public IP address is technically your "virtual" address and can be used as a form of identification by websites and applications.

This website allows you to lookup your current IP address, which can help you troubleshoot network issues, such as checking if you are connected to the internet or if your actual IP address is hidden behind a VPN service. In many cases, our website can also detect your internet browser and operating system. These types of information can typically be viewed by website administrators whenever you visit a website.

You can check out our paid API service to view these types of information. At this time, our API is limited only to enterprise clients.

Yes you can! You can use our "whoami" IP address API, which simply fetches the current public IP address of a device. This API supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

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Yes you can! You can utilize our domain IP lookup tool to get the IP address of websites.