MAC Address Lookup

Use Cases

Organize your Device Lists

Using our MAC Address lookup tool allows your organization to easily classify and group certain devices based on their MAC address.

Determine if a Device is a VM

Our MAC Address checker can allow you to determine if a device is a virtual machine.

Detect Unknown Devices

If a device suddenly appears in your network, you can quickly determine the device and vendor based on their MAC address.

Generate a MAC Address

This tool can be used by cybersecurity teams who are looking to generate a valid MAC address for developing or testing purposes.

MAC Address OUI Lookup FAQ

You can simply use our mac address oui tool above this page to locate the OUI of a mac address. Our lookup tool also includes the vendor's name and address, block size, registry, first mac address and last mac address in the block, and if a mac address is a virtual machine.

Our data is pulled directly from the IEEE Mac Address public listing webpages. We have crawlers that parse the MAC address information once a day to ensure our mac address data are the most up to date.

Yes you can. Our service just makes it easier for orgainizations or individuals to fetch mac address data without worrying about the infrastructure and maintenance that goes on in regularly updating and maintain a mac address database.

Our mac address database is updated once a day.

At this time, we do not offer a mac address vendor list or database download.

We've researched many virtual machines and container services to determine what mac address ranges those types of applications of services utilize.