Tor Detection Test

Use Cases

Enhance Your Firewall

Incorporating our TOR detection service into your firewall system will drastically improve your network security within your company by blocking all Tor network traffic.

Check if IP is a Tor Exit Node

If you utilize the Tor network, our Tor detection testing software allows you to quickly determine if your IP address is a Tor exit node.

Block Malicious Cyber Activity

Protect your application from threats coming from the Tor network. Malicious activities are more likely to occur when an IP address is anonymized behind another IP address, such as Tor Exit Nodes.

Improve Fraud Prevention

A Tor detection API can help reduce fraud on your website or software by detecting and blocking IP addresses coming from the Tor network.

Tor Detection FAQ

Tor IP addresses can be detected using the official Tor exit node IP address list. Fetching the IP addresses from this list every hour is a great way to maintain all of the Tor exit nodes IP address. However, if you are looking for a system that already has this intergrated in place, feel free to check out our IP address API service, which includes, geolocation, VPN detection, proxy detection, and more!

Integrating our Tor detection API to your service is a great way to quickly get your system to detect Tor network. On top of that, our API can also detect other IP address information such as the location, VPN & proxy detection, and network information.

Our Tor Detection API is updated every 15 minutes.

At this time, we currently don't offer a data feed or Tor database download.